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Kiatra Ventures

Kiatra Vineyards was planted in 2011. The site is just south of the Stags leap AVA and east of Oak Knoll. The site has a distinctive natural knoll which creates a perfect viewpoint nestled between mature oaks some of which have soared above Napa's famous Silverado Trail for over one hundred years and has been witness to the changes to napa especially over the last three decades.

There was an element of serendipity as well as a strong pull to sink deep roots and build a very personal customized structure to satisfy the longing for a beautiful and peaceful environment to provide a respite from the excitement and rigors of Silicon Valley and global business travel for the couple. The timeline for one of the owners stretches back some years when as a young UC Davis student he stopped on Silverado Trail to tend to a flat bicycle tire and when he looked up, the site revealed itself and he never forgot the beauty of the place and sensation it gave him.

Years later, while driving along Silverado Trail with his wife and visiting friends, he slowed the car to show them the magical property and it was then that they noticed that it was for sale. Over time the opportunity made sense and the couple purchased the property and immediately embarked on their wine country adventure by educating and immersing themselves in Napa farming life and finding the best people to rebuild and replant the vineyards with the Cabernet Sauvignon that now, a decade later blankets the front and back acreage of the property. From the start, the choice to farm organically was made, with the vineyard eventually becoming a Certified Organic operation.

After the fires of 2017, which came close to burning down the property, the owners started to heavily invest in technology to bring a new era of viticulture where technology and sustainability would work together. This lead to the creation of S.M.A.R.T. farm initiative. Kiatra vineyards is today managed by Phill Cotturi and his the very capable team at Enterprise Vineyards.